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NAZIM MOHAMED, An Acumen gained over a period of 25 years. Vast experience acquired through assisting customers across the globe to fulfill their domestic and international travel needs makyth, a seasoned travel and tourism professional, NAZIM MOHAMED.

Nazim's passion and sheer hard work helped him to gain Extensive knowledge about the top travel destinations of the world with minute details of the local tourist spots to hotels and restaurants to chauffeurs to souvenirs…, the list remain endless. His proficiency with the latest travel coordination and booking software has augmented his career and Nazim hailed for developing customised and spell bound travel itineraries which always exceeded the expectations of the clients, and most importantly befitted to their budgets as well.

Nazim always excelled in customer service and remained with them throughout the itinerary as an invisible presence who could act the very next moment, they need a support or direction which will keep the leisure in its fullest meaning. Nazim's fluency in communication from English to Arabic and Hindi to Malayalam always eased the clients and helped to resolve their issues and addressing their needs in time.

By burning the night oil, Nazim always remained with them through his mighty problem-solving skills which could turn the most stressful situations - like, stranded clients , delayed or cancelled flights, overbooked hotels, emergencies never expected ranging from illness to calamities or strikes etc. - in the tune of a cake walk.

For Nazim, the travel arena is his passion and the ultimate dream fantasy. This fantasy has resulted in visiting more than 25 countries spanned across Africa, Europe, Far East and the Middle East. And further, this dream fantasy led to create travel related documentaries and short films featuring the breathtaking charm of Kerala, The Vietnam and the UAE. And Let NAZIM be your ultimate guide, philosopher and friend right from, you start dreaming about a travel plan. You just dream, relax and leave the rest to NAZIM MOHAMED.