Deserts : Jaisalmer

The magic of a golden fortress.

Centuries ago, Jaisalmer was on the camel trading route between India and Central Asia. It is a city that rises from the desert like a golden mirage. Dominating the view is the awesome citadel on the hill - a fort built with the golden yellow stone of the area. Jaisalmer is a visual delight. Wander through its lanes and discover the 'Havelis' with delicately carved stone facades

Jaisalmer Fort - Built in golden yellow sandstone, this fairy-tale fortress stands on Tricuta Hill. Still inhabited, there are palaces and bazaars within the fortress.

Havelis - Healthy merchants built these exquisite Havelis, with profusely-carved stone facades. Don't miss Patwon Ki Haveli, Salim Singh Ki Haveli and Nathmal Ki Haveli.

Rishabdeviji Temple, Ashta Padi Mandir & Sambhavnath Temple - Dating from the 12th to 15th century, these three exquisite Jain temples contain a treasure of Jain manuscripts.

  Shopping - At Manik Chowk, pick up woven blankets and shawls, mirror-work textiles, silver jewellery and block-printed textiles.

Festivals - Annual Desert Festival