Fairs and Festivals in Himachal Pradesh

Planning to travel to Himachal Pradesh in India? If so, why don’t you time your travel in a way that helps you be a part of the colorful fairs and festivals of Himachal Pradesh. Numerous events fill up the fairs and festivals calendar of Himachal Pradesh.

It is only when you sit down to have a proper look at the list that you realize that there is so much to Himachal Pradesh as far as fairs and festivals are concerned. Right from religious festivals to merry affairs, Himachal Pradesh throws up a lot of variety for its visitors. Besides, the gaiety that is seen everywhere during the celebration of a festival in Himachal Pradesh is sure to delight many. Clearly reflecting the culture and traditions of Himachal Pradesh.

  Fairs and Festivals in Himachal Pradesh
Basoa or Bishu Festival Chaitraul Festival Khepa Festival
Chaitti Himachal Pradesh Dyali Festival Khogal Festival
Faguli Festival Fair Kullu Valley Lavi Fair Himachal
Festival of Sair Shimla Fulaich Festival Lohadi Festival
Gotsi or Gochi Festival Gugnaumi Festival Lohri or Maghi Himachal
Ice Skating Carnival Shimla / Dalhousie International Folk Festival Losar Himachal Pradesh
Karwa Chauth Festival Himachal Kazas Ladarcha Fair Lahaul & Spiti Sajo Festival
Magha Naun Festival> Mahu Nag Fair Shimla Summer Festival
Manimahesh Fair Minjar Fair Shivratri Fair Himachal Pradesh
Phagli Himachal Pradesh Pori Festival Winter Carnival Himachal
Rakhadumni (Rakhi) Festival Sairi Festival