Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy
With us, all bookings are handled with care and ease. We appreciate your inquiry into our
tours and promise you excellent service at an affordable price. All modifications made prior
to the confirmation of the Tour and prior to the initial deposit are carried out without any
cost. We offer a refund policy that is flexible and focuses on our customers.

  1. Reservations and Payments
    One of our experienced travel experts like Piyush Mathur will make sure to consult you on
    a personal one-to-one basis to answer all your questions efficiently and quickly once we
    receive your inquiry about a tour. The consultant, like Piyush Mathur is a highly active tour
    guide plus a professional travel expert, who himself covered a lot in his travelling with
    guests and knows about the common problems faced by the travelers, during their travel
    on many particular routes. He will himself, as per your Online-appointment, assist you with
    your travel plans. We will make informed suggestions until every aspect of the tour is
    finalized according to your specific needs and tastes. The minute we receive a client’s
    deposit and emailed confirmation, we will continue to make all the necessary reservations.
    1.2 We require 10% (ten percent) of the total price of your tour, as well as the full cost
    involved in all boat cruises, train journeys, and domestic and international flights, if
    applicable. This deposit serves as confirmation of your tour, and by paying the deposit
    amount, you accept all the Terms & Conditions of our company.
    1.3 The outstanding amount, meaning the full payment of the tour, must be settled forty five
    days before your tour commences.
    Types of Payment Mode :-
    1st Europe Market in EURO’s
    2nd. US Market in Dollars
    3rd. INR Domestic
    4th. For other country transaction.
    Read below….
    1st. EUROPE MARKET :-
    Indien Reiseleiter Tours & Travels accepts Bank Account transaction, online credit card payment or
    client can deposit from his/her ATM by saving account from any EUROPEAN COUNTRY.
    Just request us to share the details of our EU-Account. By SEPA you can easily do the transaction
    or request us for safe online link for bank transaction.
  • EUR-transaction takes 1-2 Days to arrive in our account.
    2nd. USA MARKET :-
    Indien Reiseleiter Tours & Travels accepts Bank Account transaction, online credit card payment or
    client can deposit from his/her ATM by saving account from America.
    Here are the USD account details for Indien Reiseleiter.
    Account holder: Indien Reiseleiter
    ACH and Wire routing number: xxxxxxxxx
    Account number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Account type: Checking
    Address: xx X. xx xxxxx, x xxxx
    New York NY xxxxx
    United States
    Just request us to share the details of our EU-Account. By SEPA you can easily do the transaction
    or request us for safe online link for bank transaction.
  • Dollar transaction takes 1-2 Days to arrive in our account.
    You can also transfer with
    3rd. For domestic client payments.
    UPI-ID – 9829055796@hdfcbank
    Or information for bank transfers
  • Beneficiary – INDIEN REISELEITER
  • Beneficiary Address -1 GA 30, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Ajmer Road, Jaipur -302024
    Rajasthan India
  • Telephones – 0091-982-905-5796
  • Bank Name – HDFC Bank
  • Beneficiary account number: 50200073141230• Swift Code – HDFCINBB
  • Branch IFSC Code: HDFC0003769
  • Amount in INR – ……………… INR
  • Purpose – enter tour code
    *In the case of bank transfer, it can take up to 5-7 days for your payment to reach our
    4th. For any other country like Singapur, Australia, Britain, Japan etc. Please request us for the
    details of our account in your country for your domestic level transaction.
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  1. Changes to Your Itinerary
    All changes to your tour itinerary requested and done before your confirmation and deposit
    payment will be happily dealt with completely cost-free. Changes requested after the
    deposit is paid will infer a small fee of €25 or $25 per person for each request. While
    making such alterations to the itinerary or to the bookings, if any extra costs incurred by the
    company, it is the client’s responsibility to settle all those extra costs, which includes all
    charges and fees levied by any third parties like airlines, hotels, and cruise operators.
  2. Cancellations or Alterations to Bookings, Applicable Refunds
    3.1 In the case of cancellation done by the client and/or changes to the Tour Contract, as
    per clause 4, as well as alterations and cancellations in the event of any unexpected event
    that prevents fulfillment of a contract, see Clause 5, all refunds are subject to these
  • ▪ Cancellations received forty five/45 days before the beginning of a tour: 90%, ninety
    percent refund of the total payment made by the client. This excludes bank charges,
    as well as all penalties charged by airlines, hotels, railways, and safari operators if
  • ▪ Cancellations received thirty/30 to fifteen/15 days before the commencement of a
    tour: 75%, seventy-five percent refund of the customer’s total payment. This
    excludes bank charges, as well as all penalties charged by airlines, hotels, railways,
    and safari operators if applicable
  • ▪ Cancellations received fifteen/15 days to seven/7 days before the commencement
    of a tour: 50%, fifty percent refund of the customer’s total payment. This excludes
    bank charges, as well as all penalties charged by airlines, hotels, railways, and
    safari operators if applicable
  • ▪ Cancellations received seven/7 to zero/0 days before the beginning of a tour: In
    this case, no refund will be made.
    We recommend our clients to take out travel cancellation insurance, in case of any
    unfortunate circumstances when you need to cancel the trip. In such a scenario, you can
    claim from the travel cancellation insurance all the costs involved in the cancellation. Formore
    information on the conditions of the policy coverage, you need to refer to the terms

and conditions of the travel insurance policy.

Worry-Free Travel during the COVID-19 Era: As a safeguard against Covid-19
uncertainties, we have introduced a customer—friendly COVID-19 Guarantee scheme,
which allows our clients to book the trip without worrying about any COVID-19 restrictions
or border closures. In case of COVID-19 related travel restrictions issued by any
government, you have the option of a full refund (with some exclusions like flight, train and
cruise ship payments, whose refund amount depends on their individual cancellation
policy) or to re-book your India Tour for future dates at no additional cost. These options
are available up to 15 days before departure and are only valid for new tour bookings
made from March 1, 2023
We guarantee you a worry-free, seamless experience with our 24-hour support throughout

your trip

3.2 After a tour has started, no refunds will be made due to services not used by the
customer, any late arrivals, or early departures for whatever reason, neither for any days
missed during the trip.
3.3 Any changes or cancellations made to a domestic flight booked by Indien Reiseleiter Tours &
Travels might be subject to a different set of terms and conditions than the above. All such charges
and fees will be fully charged to the client.
3.4 Payment of Refunds: Indien Reiseleiter Tours & Travels will settle all applicable refunds within
days after receipt of an instruction or request for cancellations or changes to a tour.

  1. Changes Made by The Company to the Tour Contract
    4.1 Right to Change in Services
    4.1.1 We reserve all rights to make any alterations to tour services detailed in the
    customer’s Travel Confirmation document after the customer’s acceptance of a Tour
    Contract. This is done according to the stipulations set out in Section 4.1.2
    4.1.2 Possible reasons for alterations to tour services include the following:
    ↳ The cancellation of reservations or bookings done by any 3rd party service providers
    ↳ The unavailability of hotels, flights, jungle safaris, services, or other requests from the
    client↳ Non-availability of services by third-party providers because of bankruptcy, illness,
    death, termination of the business or whatever other reason
    ↳ In the event of an unexpected event that prevents fulfilment of a contract as set out in
    the following Section 5 below
    4.1.3 We will do our very best to notify the client as soon as possible of any changes or
    developments before the tour starts
    4.1.4 In case of the non-availability of any Hotel, flight, safari, or any other 3rd party
    services, the Company will offer the client an equivalent alternative. Only after receiving
    the Travel confirmation from the client will the Company proceed with the new bookings
    4.1.5 All changes will be made keeping in mind our client’s preferences and interests, and
    done within the overall, general aim and original plan of the existing itinerary as far as
    4.1.6 If The Company is obliged to make material alterations
    to the client’s tour, he/she may choose to either cancel the entire tour package or accept
    the changes made to the itinerary. All the above-mentioned policies regarding refunds
    (clause 3), charges and cancellations set out in this document will apply.
    4.2 Accepting a New, Altered Tour Contract
    4.2.1 When a client accepts an altered tour itinerary as mentioned in 4.1 above, The
    Company undertakes to send him/her the new, adjusted Travel Confirmation document. In
    case of additional costs involved in the changes made, the customer will receive a new
    invoice detailing the additional costs.
    4.2.2 When you accept the new Travel Confirmation document with all the additional costs
    associated with it, the new, altered Tour Contract, as well as the new invoice, will replace
    the previous Tour contract and invoice and will be binding.
    4.2.3 If the client decides to decline the changed Travel Confirmation, or to cancel the
    existing Tour Contract, he/she will be eligible for a refund for payments already made. All
    advisory, service and consultancy charges, as well as the expenses The Company
    incurred to provide these services, will be deducted from the refund. Other deductions
    include all cancellation charges for reservations and bookings of 3rd party products and
    services, safari bookings, hotel reservations and flight tickets.
  2. Changes or Cancellations of Tour Contracts Attributable to Circumstances Beyond the
    Control of the Company
    5.1 The Company cannot not be held responsible or liable to a client, and neither be in
    breach of Tour contract in case of delays or failure to perform or fulfill the entire or any part
    of a Tour Contract, if such delays or failure is the result of circumstances and/or acts
    beyond The Company’s control. These include, but are not limited to: Unexpected events
    that prevent fulfillment of contract events, also referred to as acts of God like fire, floods,
    and earthquakes. Also included are explosions, government actions, war, invasions,hostilities even
    without a declaration of war, terrorist acts and threats, riots or civil unrest, a
    national emergency, insurrection and revolution, epidemics, strikes, lock-outs and other
    labor actions, even if not affecting The Company’s staff, as well as delays or restraints
    affecting any carriers, the delay, or inability to obtain suitable or adequate supplies and
    materials, and the breakdown of telecommunications or power.
    5.2 To avoid all doubt, unexpected events that prevent fulfillment of a contract, events
    include the following:
    a) The outbreak of an epidemic, pandemic or prevalent illness or disease that is a probable
    or actual threat to human life. This may be determined or designated by a state or country
    government entity, or any city or local government official. It may also be determined by
    the NCDC or National Center for Disease Control of India, the WHO or World Health
    Organization or by the Government of India. Such outbreaks, without limitations, include
    SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome, avian influenza, coronavirus, and atypical
    b) Adherence to any travel restriction, warning, or advisory issued in relation thereto by any
    city, country, local or state government entities, the Indian government, WHO or NCDC.
    c) Quarantine and similar measures taken during the occurrence of the above-mentioned
    situations, issued by a government authority or agency to prevent and combat the
    spreading of infectious diseases.
    d) The unavailability of services, information, or resources because of the mentioned
    situations. This includes, but is not limited to, attainability of services, information, or
    resources because of quarantine, shutdowns, or similar measures by any 3rd party
    providers whose service or information is relied upon by the Company to fulfill its
    obligations to its clients according to the Tour Contract.
    5.3 If an unexpected event that prevents fulfillment of a contract event occurs, the
    Company may use its discretion either to cancel a part of the tour or cancel or terminate
    the entire Tour Contract. If such a termination or cancellation is the result of an unexpected
    event that prevents fulfillment of a contract event, it follows that The Company will not be
    obliged to pay out any compensation, refunds, damages, or interests to the client. If such
    an event occurs and the trip has to be halted after the start of a tour, you can expect The
    Company to take all reasonable measures to bring you to your location of origin if a return
    journey is stipulated in the Tour Contract. However, the client will have to pay all the
    additional costs for a return journey.
    5.4 If, because of an unexpected event that prevents fulfillment of a contract event, a tour
    is halted temporarily, the client is not entitled to any refunds from the Company. This
    includes but is not limited to unavailability or limitations of services in hotels, sightseeing,
    restaurants, shopping trips, etc. even though they form part of the tour itinerary.
  3. Our Liability for Acts by a Third Party
    6.1 Our company will not be held accountable and will not take responsibility for losses
    suffered from limb or life, money, property, delays, discomfort, hardships, or sickness by
    any of our clients as a result of an omission or act by a third party. This includes third
    parties booked or hired by The Company to deliver services during the trip.6.2 Furthermore, The
    Company cannot be held liable or responsible for any omissions or
    acts by co-travelers which result in injury, danger, or damage to limb, life or property,
    hardships, or delays to our clients.
  4. Cooperation with Our 3rd Party Service Providers
    7.1 During the tour, clients are obliged to cooperate fully and throughout with staff
    members of all 3rd party service providers, including hotel and airline personnel, tour
    guides, local handling agents and other service providers
    7.2 Your cooperation is also required and expected to assist all such third parties with the
    mitigation and avoidance of damages, and to keep all such damages to a minimum if
    disruption of any services occurs.
    7.3 Any grievances or complaints concerning third parties should immediately be reported
    to the company. The situation will be assessed, and the necessary action will be taken to
    solve the problem at The Company’s sole discretion.
  5. Complying with All Applicable Laws
    8.1 Clients will agree to adhere to and respect all the applicable codes of conduct, rules,
    regulations, and laws regarding the use of services, facilities, and products in every city,
    state, country, or locality he/she travels in during the tour.
    8.2 If a client violates any applicable rule, regulation, code of conduct or law during his/her
    tour in any city, state, country or locality, the customer will be held solely liable, and any
    penalties, prosecution, or disadvantages to him/her will be his/her own responsibility. The
    Company will not be held responsible or liable for such omissions or actions by its clients.
  6. Requirements for Passports and Visas
    9.1 It is the client’s responsibility to make sure his/her passport is valid for minimum 6/six
    months after the date of return of client’s trip
    9.2 It is the client’s responsibility to acquaint him/herself with the necessary information
    and all the details concerning visa requirements, as well as all the norms and rules relating
    to the country or region you are traveling to.
    9.3 Clients need to organize their visas. On agreement in certain circumstances Company
    may facilitate the process to procure a visa on a client’s behalf.
    9.4 The price for the tour you receive in proposals or itineraries from our company
    regarding your trip does not include the payment for procuring a visa.
  7. Company Liability when Facilitating a Visa Application10.1 If The Company accedes to obtain
    Visa documentation on a client’s behalf, it will not
    be held responsible if a visa is not issued, nor for any resulting delays, omissions,
    expenses, damages, losses, or costs involved. Clients should acknowledge that only
    Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates, and the sovereign government of a country
    are sanctioned to grant and issue visas, immigration clearances and other such official
    10.2 When submitting application documents to us, clients shall ensure they are done
    according to the prescribed format, completed accurately and correctly, and are
    accompanied by all the relevant and required photographs and documents. The Company
    should receive them within the specified time to be able to obtain a visa and other
    necessary permits timeously. Clients should check the issued documents and permits for
    errors or irregularities. The Company cannot be held responsible for the rejection of a visa
    application done by yourself or by us due to inaccurate and/or insufficient information and
    documents, or for whatever reason.
    10.3 If a client is unable to start his/her tour or continue to travel during a booked trip due
    to a rejected visa, non-issuance, or a defective visa by the concerned Embassy, he/she
    may opt to postpone or cancel the tour. The terms and conditions described in Clause 5
    are applicable in such an event.
  8. Losses Incurred During Your Tour
    11.1 The Company will offer assistance with insurance claims and/or reports to the police
    in case of damage to, loss or destruction of clients’ possessions during the tour.
    11.2 The Company cannot be held responsible for losses caused by unforeseeable events
    such as theft, robbery, etc. We will, however, assist with an ensuing investigation.
    11.3 The loss of passports, luggage, or any items of value by an airline or at airports, is not
    the responsibility of The Company. We will, however, assist with retrieval and
    11.4 The Company is furthermore not liable for any loss of possessions at hotels,
    restaurants, monuments, scenic spots, or in vehicles, but clients can expect our assistance
    where possible.
    11.5 You carry the sole responsibility to always keep your passport and visa safe. The
    Company will assist in retrieving lost items where possible. If such a document is left at an
    overnight hotel, we will arrange to pick up and deliver it to our client at his/her current
    location. The client will carry all costs involved.
    11.6 If a client discovers that he/she bought a counterfeit or fake product, even at markets
    or shopping stops as per the Tour itinerary, The Company cannot be held responsible for
    such purchases. Clients should always inspect goods before purchasing them to identify
    any counterfeit products.
  9. Modification and Cessation of ServicesWe reserve all rights to discontinue or modify the tour
    services to any client who behaves
    in an objectionable or illegal manner towards agents and employees. Offensive behavior is
    defined as conduct, which is of a sexual nature, racially offensive or obscene.
    No illegal drugs of any kind will be permitted on any of the tours to India, Nepal, Bhutan, or
    Sri Lanka. The possession and use of drugs are contrary to the law in these countries, and
    it also puts other members in the group at risk. In some regions of India, it is customary
    and part of the local culture to smoke opium and marijuana, but it is unacceptable for
    anyone traveling with IndienReiseleiter.de We strongly believe in a philosophy of treating
    everyone we meet with the utmost respect, especially the local people we encounter along
    the way; they are the very fabric of the diverse and colorful culture of India. In the same
    vein, we believe that exploiting prostitutes shows a disrespect that cannot be tolerated.
    Therefore, any client who uses the services of a prostitute or is found with drugs in his/her
    possession, will be expelled immediately.
  10. Intellectual Property Rights Regarding Company Websites
    13.1 When referring to The Company websites, it includes all content created by
    Indien Reiseleiter Tours & Travels its licensors, associates, and partners.
    13.2 The Company’s intellectual property rights are applicable for all the software
    underlying our company websites, material, and services published by us on our websites
    and otherwise. It includes, but is not limited to all written content, graphics, photographs,
    illustrations, images, advertisements, service marks, trademarks, logos, video, and audio
    clips, as well as flash animation. All the above-mentioned is the property of The Company,
    its licensors, associates and/or partners. All written content, images, and photographs are
    protected under the DMCA, or Digital Millennium Copyright Act of the USA.
    13.3 All the services that The Company provides are for our clients’ personal use only and
    not for commercial use by them. No client is allowed to copy, modify, transmit, distribute,
    reproduce, perform, publish, create works derived from, license, or sell off any information,
    Intellectual Property Rights, software, services, or products acquired from our company nor
    our websites, and neither from our advisors and travel consultants without clear prior
    consent in writing from us.
  11. Insurance
    14.1 The Company is not Liable
    It is the client’s choice and obligation to secure the necessary insurance coverage, unless
    The Company explicitly undertakes to cover the insurance for a specific product or service.
    We are not liable and cannot be held responsible for whatever choice you make regarding
    insurance coverage, either purchased by you yourself through a 3rd party or bought by The
    14.2 Insurance Coverage Provided by a Third Party
    All insurance coverage, including that bought by The Company as part of its service, is
    provided by a 3rd party company. It is therefore subject to all the terms & conditions of that
    specific insurance company. Any appeals for services and claims regarding the policy
    should be directed to the said insurance company and done according to its terms and conditions.
    Clients should agree and acknowledge that Indien Reiseleiter Tours & Travels has no jurisdiction
    over any third-party insurance provider, nor its decisions for coverage. It follows that our company
    is therefore not liable or responsible for claims processing, policy
    coverage or the refusal of any such claims to the provider.
    14.3 Travel Insurance
    We strongly advise our clients to take out both travel insurance, and travel cancellation
    insurance. It should be done well in advance of the commencement of the trip. This is
    essential to protect you from needing to pay fees resulting from Tour Contract changes
    and/or cancellations as discussed in the above Clause 5, depending on the nature of your
  12. Important Terms and Conditions Applicable during India Tours
    15.1 Company cannot be held liable for any delay in flight, cruise ship or train due to any
    reason. In case your cruise ship, train or flight is delayed and because of this delay you
    lose your connecting flight or train, we cannot be held responsible. In case your flight,
    cruise ship or train is cancelled or delayed, and you choose to change the mode of
    transportation, like renting a car or booking a new flight, to reach your destination, you
    have to pay extra for it. Of course, any refundable amount that we receive from cancelling
    your cruise ship, train, or flight will be adjusted in the extra payment.
    15.2 In case your domestic flight is cancelled by the airline, we will offer to book you
    another flight. You will need to pay the difference in airfare. In case you have to spend an
    extra night in a hotel at any destination due to any delay or cancellation of a flight, train or
    cruise ship, you need to pay for that additional night in the hotel, as well as for the airport,
    the railway station or harbor transfers.
    15.3 If you apply for an India visa through us, the visa fee and visa processing charges will
    be non-refundable in case you cancel the trip or postpone the trip due to any reasons.
    15.4 When you travel, make sure to arrive at the railway station, harbor or port, or airport
    well ahead of time. We always consider the traffic situation and allow enough time for
    unexpected delays when transferring clients to the airport, railway stations or harbor, but
    we cannot be held liable if a client misses a train, ship, or flight due to extreme traffic
    situations, protests, other unexpected traffic congestion or if a client checks out later than
    agreed upon. The client is then expected to make another booking him/herself and bear all
    costs involved. There will be no refund for missed trains, ship cruise or flights in such
    15.5 The Company reserves the right and will cancel a boat cruise if instructed by local
    administrations or when adverse weather conditions necessitate it, and high-water levels
    make such a cruise dangerous.
    15.6 The Company may cancel camel or elephant rides, even if they are part of your tour
    program, due to adverse weather conditions when paths are slippery and dangerous, or
    when the animals are not available. Occasionally, it happens that local authorities cancel
    such rides during religious festivals or for other reasons. In these cases, no refunds will be
    made.15.7 We reserve the right to change the route if there is any protest or blockage of roads
    by the protesters. In such a scenario, if any extra cost arises, that must be paid by the
    customer. For example, if there is an obstruction of the highway, and the client decides to
    take a flight instead of making the road journey, the client must bear the cost of the flight
    and the airport transfers. Moreover, if due to such protests, the client has to extend his or
    her stay in the hotel, the price for that extended stay has to be borne solely by the client.
    15.8 Early check-in or late check-out is totally at the discretion of individual hotels and our
    company cannot confirm or guarantee its clients any early check-in or late check-out in any
    hotel during the trip. Of course, at the request of the client, we can forward the request to
    the hotel.
    15.9 If you want to use an online check-in for a domestic or international flight booked
    through us, you have to arrange that yourself. At an additional charge, we will do your
    online check-in for you.
    15.10 During the trip to mountainous regions like Kashmir, Leh & Ladakh and Darjeeling &
    Sikkim or any similar destinations, landslides, or avalanches may occur and block the
    roads. Although the local authorities do their best to clear the road as soon as possible,
    clearing the road may take 1 to 3 days. In that case, if a client cannot drive to the next
    destination and has to spend more nights in his/her present destination, the client has to
    bear the hotel expenses for the additional nights. If the mode of transport needs to be
    changed, for example from road journey to flight, the client will be responsible for the
    expenses of the flights. No refunds will be provided for the hotels which were not used
    because of this inconvenience.
    15.11 Neither The Company, nor any of our representatives including guides, staff
    members, drivers and handling agents can be held responsible for any of the purchases
    you make while on tour. The Company is not responsible for defective products, or delays
    in shipping of the purchases to your country of origin. The client is solely liable and
    responsible for all purchases and transactions made by him/herself during the tour,
    excluding those done through the Company. We will not screen, control in any manner or
    censor any purchases or transactions, and neither will we make any decisions about the
    legality or validity of any such purchases or transactions under the laws governing any
    jurisdiction. Therefore, the Company recommends its clients to practice due diligence,
    common sense and rationality while purchasing or shopping during their India trip.
    15.12 There will be no refunds for unused services. So, if the client decides to skip a visit
    to a monument to rather relax at the hotel pool, the entrance ticket to that monument is
    non-refundable. As The Company pays for all services beforehand, clients cannot expect a
    refund if they for instance decide to rather walk up to Amer Fort instead of taking the
    scheduled elephant ride.
    15.13 For connecting flights within India, we recommend a minimum layover time of 1.5
    hours to 2.5 hours. And for International connecting flights, we recommend a minimum
    layover time of 2 hours 30 minutes. In any case, even if the flights are booked through the
    Company, the company cannot be held liable if a client misses his or her connecting flight.
    Clients should agree that we are only a service provider; therefore we do not have any
    control if there are any last moment changes in flight schedules by the Airline due to any
    reason, whether it is technical failure, technical delay, adverse climate conditions or
    whatsoever.Our goal is to ensure that our clients are comfortable, happy, and satisfied. We’re here
    help you every step of the way and hope you have a dream vacation.

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